Sometimes You’re The One Who’s Wanted

Sometimes people just want and want and want without knowing what, exactly, they’re wanting.

Thought Catalog

Sometimes you’re the one who wants. You pine and you preen and you — dare I say? — pray for your target to choose you; you keep your eyes glued to them like your hungry gaze will sustain you but oh, if they’d only let you feed… you clock and mock their every decision, their every move because they don’t know what’s best for them, you know what’s best for them and what’s best for them is you so why is she with him or why is he meeting her parents or what’s the long face for, someone perfectly fine is right in front of your face loving the hell out of you, moron, you’re being completely illogical.

But sometimes you’re the one who’s wanted. Sometimes someone is watching as you fall in love and in laps of people who maybe don’t deserve you but who keep you happy enough…

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