The Saddest Feeling Is Not Being Able To Share Your Happiness

Stop wasting time making excuses for people who could care less, and share your happiness with those who can’t wait for you to burst into a happy ball of sunshine.

Thought Catalog

I’ve been having a rough relationship with my best friend for the past month. I guess it isn’t rough in the sense that most people would use it, but it’s rough enough that sometimes I calculate how many times I’ve called her this week to make sure I haven’t exceeded her interest level because I know that once I hit there, she won’t pick up any more.

Most people that I tell this to automatically tell me to pull out of this relationship because it isn’t one that’s going anywhere good. I find that despite what everyone tells me, I stick through with it because I love her. Because I love her. Because it doesn’t matter what other people think if I know that I love her.

This is all true, and I still stand by that. Which is why I was fairly surprised when she picked up today even…

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