Why am I in medical school and not somewhere else?

“Why are you in medical school?” —– This is a very common question being asked by a lot of people to aspiring physicians, yet for me it is still quite hard to answer clearly. I started medical school with only one motivation in mind, and that is to cure people. But as I go through my first two years in medical school, I began to discover the reason why exactly I want to cure people. It is because, I find my happiness in serving others.

So whenever I was asked the same question, I would always answer: “I am in medical school because being here makes me happy. I am happy to think that someday I will be able to help people not only just by curing them physically but also helping them reshape their lives in other ways possible.” Some would say that “happiness” is not a valid reason because it is too superficial but to me happiness can be equated to a sense of self-fulfilment, and this single reason is enough to make me push through despite all the adversities in medical school.

Self-fulfilment probably encompasses my other motivations such as having the opportunity to cure patients, gaining respect from other people, securing my future with a stable job, and being able to be the first doctor in the family and making my parents proud.

Medical school education is hard in several aspects that is why it is very important to have a motivation that will keep students rooted to their goal of becoming doctors. As I go through my second year in medical school, I realized the value of having a steadfast motivation. For without knowing the real reason why we are here, one can always quit and run away.

Again, why am I here? It is because this is what makes me happy and I am sure that this is exactly where I want to be.

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