To study, and to study well, is the least that we can do.


Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 6.31.04 PMI have always been amazed of the amount of reading materials an aspiring physician has to study. And if you’re currently a medical student and you think medical school is the hardest part of the academic side of our vocation, sorry but the complete opposite is true.

You see, Medicine -as noble as it sounds, not only involves heavy sacrifices but also includes life-long learning. After daily quizzes, term exams, and revalidas in medical school, we welcome another year of hitting our old notes and books during internship. After passing the medical boards, we say hello to three, five, or even six (for neurosurgery *crossing my fingers*) more years of residency training which does not only involve handling our own patients, but still burning candles at night studying how to best treat them. Then after residency we spend some time off restudying and reviewing for the diplomate exams. After passing…

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