Why You Shouldn’t Text Them

Wait until you’re ready to stay with what you’ve chased down. Wait until you know what you want. Wait until you know who you want.

Thought Catalog

You shouldn’t text your ex. That one fling from your vacation last year. The stranger you gave your number to at the gym. The person you went on two dates with and called a wash, the one you bummed a shot off that night you were too drunk to stand. The person you had a crush on in high school and swore to catch up with the next time you were in town for the holidays. That one night stand. The might have been. The one who was almost The One, but, for whatever reason, wasn’t.

Don’t text them.

Don’t spend your time on something that won’t go anywhere. It’s not worth the chase or the fight or the effort, and nobody will save your dignity by dragging you away from something that was only ever lukewarm from the start. Chances are, you’ll make a fool of yourself — because…

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